Your dull inserts can – AND SHOULD! – have another life. Your company can save 40-60% or more of the cost of a new, smaller insert if you take advantage of downsizing.
When you send us your dull inserts, we grind them to the new smaller standard size or a special request size.

As you specify, we will:

  • Grind down one standard size or several
  • Grind chip breakers back into the insert
  • Complete new edge prep
  • Recoat with original or superior coating for your application

Our precision process removes all stock without heat, thermal cracking or chipping. Custom honing in our plant provides tool life that often exceeds that of the original insert. Your inserts are carefully packaged and shipped promptly to you.

We downsize squares, triangles, rounds, hexagons, pentagons, 80 degree diamonds, 55 degree diamonds, grooving tools and many more.