We will sort your used carbide inserts – by style and grade – and provide you with an inventory and pricing for downsizing and/or sharpening. THERE IS NO CHARGE FOR THIS SERVICE!!!

Determining grinding specifications

While we work with standard specifications, we will consult closely with you to determine the lowest cost and optimum specification for your application. We present any alternative possibilities and will provide samples.


We can apply or re-apply a wide range of different coatings. Our experienced staff will work with you to decide the best coating for your application.


We accept any coated or non-coated carbide items, including all types of inserts, mills, drills, taps, reamers, etc.
Please see our .pdf file to learn more about Performance Carbide’s recycle program (Josh to send file to Impact)

Other items and Services

• Coating
• Brazed Tools (New, Repaired or Resharpened)
• Tool Holder/Cutter Repair
• Grinding Wheels – Diamond and CBN
• Diamond Dressers
• Drill, Replaceable Drill Head, Spade Drill Sharpening
• PCD, CBN (New, Retip, and Relap)
*Much More!